Sacred Placenta Encapsulation

The Sacred organ that connects Mother and Baby during their first months of life together.

placentaBenefits of Placenta Encapsulation

  • balances hormones
  • replenishes Iron Levels
  • helps prevent PPD
  • increases milk supply
  • assists uterus in returning to a pre-pregnancy state

Placenta encapsulation is the treatment, dehydration, and encapsulation of a women’s placenta after birth so that it may be consumed during the weeks postpartum. When I first heard of the benefits of these healing little pills I decided I had to learn more and try it for myself.  This led me to becoming a specialist through and I start offering this service to other mothers to be. It is something I truly love doing!  To be welcomed into the life changing experience of birth  is such an honor!

If you have any questions about placenta encapsulation or are interest in having me encapsulate your placenta for you please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


One response to “Sacred Placenta Encapsulation

  1. Encapsulation of my placenta saved my life after my second baby. I was able to experience my ‘baby moon’ and my hormones never dropped so low that it put me into a deep PPD with a new baby and unable to enjoy my little bundle. Unfortunately with my first baby, I suffered a deep PPD for over 8months and it was a real struggle. This time around I feel like normal. I am happy, not minding my night feeds, getting through the tough breast feeding weeks and able to do so much during the day. I would suggest this to everyone – and not only done by anyone but by someone who will take the time to put heaps of good energy into the encapsulating process like this beautiful lady! 😀


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