Thank you for coming to check out my blog and wanting to learn more about the way my family and I live!

This is my journey of raising my family in a holistic and conscious way. This means conscious of how are daily routines affect our health and the health of our planet. Meaning we eat the best way we know how to, using no chemicals in our home,  trying to create less burden on the planet and of course, taking time to love and connect to the earth.

About 10 years ago after being told I would likely never conceive and carry my own children I went on a quest for health.  Little did I know this journey would change every part of my being.  The simple act of changing what I was eating started to chance everything!  The emotions I felt, the things I thought about, the things I cared about and how I wanted to spend my time.  It has not been a simple journey for me and I still have days of “growth” but I can truly say I feel happier and more connected that I ever knew was possible.

Now I am a mother of Three amazing children.  My husband and I trying to raise them organic, connected with nature and free of the worlds expectations.  We are not perfect and learning along the way but here is our story as it unfolds.

much love xox AmandaMe and Juice


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