Cookies and milk RawVegan

A family classic made raw and vegan!

What kid (and adult) doesn’t love a good cookie and milk snack?! But knowing all the health concerns linked with dairy, processed sugars and grains this treat has hit the naughty list… till now😜

Basic Almond Milk img_2076.pngIMG_2077

1 1/2 cups raw almonds-soaked in water for 6-8hrs then strained

5 cups spring water

1/8 tsp vanilla powder

1 tbs maple syrup or agave (opt)

Combine all ingredients and blend in a high speed blender.

Use a nut milk bag or cheese cloth to separate the milk from the pulp. Store milk in desired container.

Almond pulp Cookies

If you’re anything like me you have spent a lot of time testing different recipes using almond milk pulp.

This idea came to me after eating an almond cookie made from almond flour “why not use almond milk pulp instead?”

Now after saying this I’m probably going to get a flood of comments from people saying they have been doing this for years LOL but this seemed totally genius at the moment and unheard of😂img_2075.png

Almond pulp

1/2 cup fresh orange juice

Zest of 1/4 of a lemon

1/4tsp sea salt

2tbs maple syrup or agave

1/4tsp vanilla powder

Mix thoroughly and divide into equal portions for desired amount of cookies. For me this recipe makes about 6 to 7 small-medium sized cookies.IMG_2078

Form cookies by hand and place onto a nonstick dehydrator sheet and place in dehydrator at 105f for 4 hours.

Remove nonstick sheet and place cookies directly onto drying sheet.

Place back in the dehydrator for another 6 hours.

If you like your cookies slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside they are ready at the 10 hour total mark. For a crispier cookie leave in the dehydrator for another 4 hours.

Serve with almond milk and enjoy❤️img_2079-e1489621775618.png

Let me know how you and your family like this healthy twist on cookies and milk🙂

Cookies may be stored in the fridge if desired.  Pop back into the dehydrator for a few minutes before servering.

Xo Amanda


2 responses to “Cookies and milk RawVegan

  1. Looks yummy. I follow a healthy lifestyle. The thing, it does take time and dedication to do all those steps…soak the almonds, prepare the pulp, prepare the recipe, and food dry it. It does take dedication and determination to be healthy.


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