My Iridology Journey

Did you know your eyes can change?!

For those of you who have not heard of iridology it is the study of the iris. (The coloured part of your eye) Your iris works like an interactive map showing what is happening with your body.  There is a spot for each organ and body part.IMG_2021

I have used iridology charts in the past to determine and track genetic weaknesses with my children.  Last spring I was introduced to Dr Jensen’s work through the teachings of Dr Morse.

After spending hours watching DR Morse analyze different eyes I came to a hard conclusion.

My green eyes were in fact supposed to be blue!

Feeling shocked and truthfully upset I knew I couldn’t ignore this new knowledge. I have been working on being the healthiest “me” I could be for the last 10 years, how could I still have so much detox to do?

I remember as a child having blue eyes, I even remember one turning green before the other.  It was a pretty exciting thing in the schoolyard to have one blue eye and one green eye.

I have now learned there are only two true eye colours, brown and blue. My green eyes were/are blue eyes with yellow, white and orange colours covering the blue, indicating a very congested lymphatic system.

I have spent the last many months detoxing, trying to clean up my lymphatic system as well as strengthening areas of genetic weakness.  Taking photos every few months to track my progress I was shocked at what had happened over all my months of self work.

The orange and yellow colour was lifting. And just as interesting, as the lymphatic system became less congested I could now see dark lines and spots over areas I once could not see.  I now can get a truer reading of my Constitution. IMG_2016

I still have many months of work ahead of me but I am happy with the progress I have made so far .

I used Dr Morse’s herbs and a diet high in fruit to clean and detox. I will continue to take updated photos over the next months and post an update.

Ps- sorry about the quality of the first iris photos, I since have learned a better way to get images.

If you have any comments or questions I would love to hear them

❤️ Amanda


4 responses to “My Iridology Journey

  1. That is so interesting. I need to take time to read more on this and watch Dr Morse’s videos. How are you taking your pictures? Mine look great and all blue on pics but my husband sees orangy dots in them.

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    • Dr Morse has a great video on YouTube on how to get a pic. I like using my iPad to get the pic and a flashlight to shine at the eye to get the brightness required. Make sure to be away from a sunny window. I made that mistake in my first pics and you can see the window in the picture lol


  2. Beautiful testimony, thanks for sharing. I know that I need to detox that area to but I don’t know where to start! Any tips or recommendations, please? My eyes cleared up already few years ago when I went raw but they still need a lots of work for them to look healthy. Thanks for sharing this precious tips. Health is everything!

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  3. Wow, that is amazing. I never knew that the only two eye colors were supposed to be brown and blue. That looks really tough to be able to follow that chart with all those small lines. Good for you to be able to do it!


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