Skin Health

Let’s talk about skin.

So we know there is a direct link with what we eat and what is showing on our skin.  But what if you eat really well and you’re still suffering from skin issues like eczema, psoriasis or acne?
There are a few other causes that could be causing your blemishes.
1) food allergies- try cutting out the major offenders, wheat, dairy and grains. See if you have an improvement.
2) topical irritations- most drugstore brands and over-the-counter skin treatments are full of harsh chemicals that can often cause a bigger reaction. Try using natural products, I like washing my face and body with oil’s from living libations.
3)stomach bacteria imbalances- try adding fermented foods like sauerkraut and probiotics to your diet. Look into Pau D’arco tea or tincture to combat a candida overgrowth (I get mine here).
4) week kidneys- The skin is a large eliminating Organ, so if your kidneys are not functioning at top-notch your body will find another way to push toxins out. Try a kidney cleanse or herbs such as parsley, horsetail and dandelion to support your kidneys.
5) hormone imbalances- avoid things like bottled water, tofu, birth control pill and dairy from your diet to avoid “bad” estrogen’s. If you suspect you have a hormone imbalance speak with your ND about treatment.
6) Vitamin D deficiency, get your skin under the sun. If that’s not possible use a transdermal VitD lotion or vitD supplement.
A few foods for glowing clear skin. img_0794
-all fruits!
-salad greens
-hemp hearts
-chia seeds
-olives and olive oil (high quality)
-pumpkin seeds
*Note, clear skin is not always a sign of good health, sometimes the skin is unable to eliminate toxins.
So if you get the odd blemish be thankful your skin is able to eliminate  *if you go on a kidney cleanse your skin may temporarily flare up.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message or leave a comment

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  1. I just saw on the Dr. Oz show today Dr. Moalem recommends eating dark potatoes. The purple variety are high in antioxidants that prevents again. Also, boiling and baking the potatoes with the skin is highly recommended. The darker the potato the better. The purple potato is like a blueberry.

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