Infant Colic

Infant colic/ tummy pains

The first months with your baby are so special❤️ I look back with a full heart on the first weeks and months with each of my babies.
But if your baby is dealing with colic or stomach pains nothing else matters.  Infant Colic is more than just a physical pain for Baby, it is heart wrenching for Mom.
With my first born I never thought I would have to even think about dealing with colic.  I ate well and did everything right to build a healthy gut for my baby.  But around week two my poor baby girl started to get horrible tummy pains.
After hours of research, talking with other Mom’s and learning to console my own distressed baby I feel confident to say I know how to prevent/treat colic.
Of course, consult your doctor/health care professional!
A lot of the discomfort often comes from gas pain. The best method is prevention when it comes to gas pains.
Food to avoid while nursing a baby with a sensitive tummy.
Cacao (all forms of chocolateHarrisonNB130213_040)
Beans and legumes
Dairy (fermented forms are often tolerated like yogurt or kefir)
cruciferous vegetables (onions, broccoli, cabbage ect)
*In extreme cases tomatoes and eggs*
Things mamma can do:
Drink fennel tea
Drink Chamomile tea
*Remain in a calm and happy state of mind, often new mothers are overwhelmed with visitors and the new duties of motherhood, this stress can affect the milk and intern affect the baby*
* if your baby is gulping milk to keep up with heavy letdown or flow lay down to nurse your baby*
Supplements for baby if required:
-infant probiotics
-homeopathic remedy colocynthis 30C
-natural grip water
-fennel seed or fennel essential oil mixed with coconut oil as a topical tummy rub
 Always consult your doctor before supplementing!
Wishing all you Momma’s a Beautiful 4th Trimester❤️
Thank you to Lisa Durand for the imagines in this post!

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