How to increase your milk supply

Breastfeeding is a beautiful part of motherhood, but if you are concerned about your milk supply it is hard to enjoy this special time with your baby.

There are many different causes for a low milk supply such as:
-Momma is exhausted, after our babies are born we often think we need to go right back to our normal routine. Remember your body is still recovering and is the main source of life (food/water) for your baby.
-Momma is forgetting about herself and not eating or drinking enough.  Dehydration and lack of proper nutrients and calories are a very common cause.
-Not enough time with baby.  This is often the case for the Mommas who are back to work or Mommies who have other children to tend to.
-hormone fluctuations
-baby is having a growth spurt.  Often a momma will think she is suddenly not making enough milk when really her baby is going though a growth spurt.  If this is the case your supply should naturally adapt to your babies new needs within a few days.
Here are some ways to increase your supply.
HarrisonNB130213_041*whenever possible do skin to skin.  I suggesting going topless and baby in a diaper only.  Then let your baby suckle as desired, snuggle and sleep on your chest.
*If baby is looking to suck (even just for comfort) offer the breast instead of a pacifier.
*compress your breast while your baby is towards the end of a feeding. This will force forward the fatty milk for baby and tell your body to “up” it’s supply.
*co-sleep if possible
*baby wear
*nap with your baby if possible.
*eat foods and drink teas that are know to increase milk supple such as old fashion oats, Fenugreek tea, Fennel tea and Nuts
*you can use the homeopathic remedy Dulcamara 30C
If your supply still does not increase consult with a lactation consultant and your natural doctor.
❤If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or send me a email️HarrisonNB130213_003
Thank you to Lisa Durdan for the photos in this post!

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