Preparing for birth

Preparing for your baby to join you earth-side is an exciting time. Washing and folding up baby clothes, choosing a name and of course guessing what he or she will look like.

Preparing your body for the big day is also very important.
Getting proper nutrition, rest, preparing the birth canal and preparing a natural birthing kit.
Nutrition- It is important to eat well throughout pregnancy but the last weeks your body requires lots of magnesium and iron. So you know what that mean CACAO ️ and lots of it! Cacao is chocolate in its raw form. Cacao is high in Magnesium, iron, antioxidants and healthy fats. These are all very important for your baby and your body as you prepare for birth. Also ensure you are getting good sources of fats and oils like fish, cod liver oil, avocado, raw butter ect… Remember to continue to eat lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

If you wish you can prepare your baby’s birth passage by using a specially formulated serum. I suggest the petal primer yoni serum by living libations. This may help to prevent tearing or a need for a Episiotomy.

A few things to make sure you have in your birth kit.
1)Coconut oil
2)homeopathic remedies
arnica: this one is a must, start taking during labour and continue for the first days PP. Arnica reduces swelling, bruising and helps with pain.
Other optional remedies to keep on hand.
Kali Carb-for feeling week and back pain. Aconite- fear of dying during birth. Pulsatilla- feeling helpless, crying.
3)Organic postpartum pads, it’s important that your PP pads are natural with no additives. Just organic cotton. Everything to your womb is still very open and susceptible to infection. You can also use cloth washable pads, if you choose this option be very mindful of your detergent, ensure it is very gentle and chemical free.
4)snacks, I suggest something easy to grab with good natural sugars and fats/protein like a fruit and nut bars. Also coconut water is nice to have on hand for energy, hydration and electrolytes.

PP Thoughts

What are your PP wishes. We often spend so much time planning for labour and meeting our baby Things so think about
Do you wish for a delay before clamping off/cutting the umbilical cord? MathersMat140126_003
Do you want to deliver your placenta without intervention? Would you like to see your placenta being birthed or see it after it is birthed?
This may seem like an odd question but studies have shown that seeing the birth of your placenta/seeing it after it is birthed decreases your chance of developing PPD. Do you have any other wishes for your placenta? Encapsulation for consumption or planting in a special garden or under a new tree are common holistic choices.
How would you like to introduce breastfeeding to your baby. A guided latch or invite baby to self latch?
I hope this helps any of you Mommas to-be prepare for your big day️
Wishing you all a beautiful birthing experience!
And as always, feel free to leave me a comment or email me if you have any questions
XO Amanda

All photo’s Credit for this post goes to the lovely Lisa Durand 


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