Vitamin D and Sun health

Vitamin D and the sunBlack sun with rays️

Did you know that many of us are deficient in vitamin D? Some of the common symptoms of a VitD deficiency are: sadness, general fatigue, mood swings, stress fractures and suppressed immune function (sick often) 

So why are so many of us deficient? 
-over use of sunblock 
- not enough time outdoors
-living in cities where the tall buildings block the sun 
-diet lacking foods high in VitD

There are a few ways to ensure you are getting sufficient amounts of vitamin D! 
- expose yourself to the sun without sunblock during "non peek" hours like before 11am and after 3pm. Start with just a few minutes a day and build to avoid burning. 
-do not bathe with soaps after sun exposure. Wait until the following day to ensure good absorption of the vitamin. 
- consume fat soluble sources of VitD like Salmon, sardines, eggs (with runny yolk) raw milk or milk products from pasture raised animals, cod liver oil or you can use a vegan supplement like "the sunshine vitamin" sold at Upaya Naturals.
- you can use a topical vitamin D lotion like sun dew by Living libations during months or days where sun exposure unobtainable. 
- use a sun protective rather than a block like everybody loves sun by living libations. 

With exception to life on the deep ocean floor, all life requires the sun to grow and thrive. So love your sun! 

Benefits of the sunsun
-Promotes proper immune function 
-builds strong bones 
-supports healthy hormones and fertility (helps to prevent pcos) 
-builds and maintains strong healthy teeth 
-makes you happySmiling face (black and white)Victory hand️

Tip: Avoid sunblocks with any of the following ingredients Oxybenzone, Octocrylene, Octosalate, Octinoxate. These are chemicals are very dangerous and have been liked to the breakdown of skin cells. 

Look at the active ingredients while shopping for sunblock. Use sunblocks with the active ingredients, zinc or titanium. Smiling face with smiling eyes 

Wishing you all happy summer full of lots of sunshineBlack sun with rays

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