Can Sisterhood stop Bullying?

Can sisterhood stop bullying and bring peace and acceptance to the upcoming generation?
In one word, YES! I truly believe so! sisterhood
I use the term sisters to represent all women. As sister we would always support and care for one another without judgement.
I have noticed a lot of awareness and support to stop bullying, and I really think this is a wonderful thing! To tackle this problem, we need to look at what is happening in our homes, at our social events and on social media.
We need to think about the way we talk about others and to others.  And yes, this includes the way we talk about and to ourselves! Our children are a reflection of what they are exposed to.  So in order to teach them to act with thoughtfulness and love, we need to lead by positive example.
If you do not understand another persons parenting choice, it does not mean they are wrong or that you are wrong, it simply means there “right” is different than yours.
*we do not need to understand another person to respect and support them*
Never speak badly of another person, especially when children are present. Remember, this includes yourself! You are not too fat, too skinny, not good enough or a bad Mom, your awesome!  Teach your children, by example to love others and themselves!
Sending much love to all my sisters!Heavy black heart
Xox Amanda mom and me

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