What does organic parenting mean?

What does organic parenting mean?

Well, I suppose that depends on who you talk to.  We all have our own way of parenting and all the organic parent-ers have different ways in which they consider themselves organic.

For us here, we try to marry a conscious way of eating organic (homegrown or wild and local when possible) with a way to live connected and one with the planet.  But also we try to be “organic” in the way we teach and help them develop.   We try very hard not to project our feelings and opinions about the world and people onto our children.  I believe children come into this world with so much wisdom, love and beauty. As long as we do not smother their wild intuition and happiness they will continue to grow and blossom in these traits.  They have not yet learned to hate, be self-conscious or judge.  So our hope is by not over-analyzing them or over-correcting them with our personal dislikes and opinions they will keep their true uncensored selves and remain as connected as they are today.

fall 2014 074 *Walk outside with your children, let them tell you about what they see,  their little minds are full of magic they can share with us.

*Let them walk barefoot though your vegetable gardens picking and eating   what they like.

 *Encourage make-believe play and play and dress up with them.

*Be mindful of what or who you talk about, always speak kindly about others.

We are far from perfect and have our days of frustrations and moments where we are not sure where to go next.  This way of parenting is growing as our children do, the things we do today to help our children bloom will be different tomorrow.

Much love to you and your family ❤


Adia 014fall 2014 291


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