Raw Brownies

My Raw Vegan Brownies! GF,DF and vegan friendly

These are a easy and fast “Go-To” for me.  I love bringing these to family events, play-dates or dinner parties 🙂

The Crust
Combine the following in a processor and mix to desired consistency. Press into 9×9 pan and chill in fridge while making brownie filling.
1/2C chopped or ground almonds
1/2C chopped or ground pecans
1/2C Raw cacao powder (I use  Giddy Yoyo’s)
4-5 pitted dates
1/2tbs melted coconut oil

The Brownie filling
Combined the following ingredients in a high-speed blender. Blend tell completely smooth, lay on top of crust and chill in fridge until ready to serve.
2C cashews
1/2C water
1/2C maple Syrup or agave
1/2C melted coconut oil
3/4C cacao powder
2tsp vanilla

Chill in fridge for a few hrs before serving. They also freeze and thaw beautifully! You can also use a pie pan and call this raw chocolate cheesecake

Enjoybrownies for blog


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