Avoiding Chemicals

women absorb 5lbs of chemicals a year in cosmetics

It takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in cosmetics to get into your blood stream

More than 200 chemicals found in Newborns umbilical cord


These are a few of the statements we are seeing and hearing on the news and on social media.  For most people this is scary and overwhelming and leaves you feeling unsure where these chemicals are coming from and how to avoid them.

We are exposed in so many ways, our food, our environment, tap water, household cleaning products and cosmetics.  You may not be able to remove all of the chemicals and toxins your exposed to but you can certainly avoid a good chunk of them.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Filter your tap water or better yet drink spring water (untreated filled at the source).
  • Eat organic food, wild food or grow your own

*not only does drinking spring water and foraging or growing your own food  lower the amount of chemicals and toxins you are making your body process but they also give you wonderful connection to your environment* 

  •  Purchase or make chemical free cosmetics.  I make many of my own products but  I also use and love products by Living libations and 100% pure cosmetics.
  •  Clean you house with simple home made cleaners like water and vinegar to clean windows and glass.  Baking Soda to scrub bath tubs and homemade laundry detergents ect..
  •  Help your body to purge toxins by eating lots of Raw fresh fruits and Vegetables. You can also use products like Zeolite to remove a build up of heavy metals ect..

By removing many of these exposures you are taking the burden off your body to process them.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask 🙂


no chemicals


2 responses to “Avoiding Chemicals

  1. I just made homemade deodorant last week, and it’s the best deodorant that I’ve ever used! No smell whatsoever, even after a sweaty workout, less shaving irritation (moisturized!), and I actually feel relatively dry for it being not an antiperspirant. I’ll share my little recipe with you!
    1/4 c arrowroot powder/flour
    1/4 c baking soda
    5 TSBP coconut oil
    and I added Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Grapefruit essential oils.
    The woman at my health food store suggested the Bob’s brand of baking soda, as the Arm & Hammer brand has added aluminum in it… so that’s what I used (same brand for the arrowroot too). Plus Nutiva pure coconut oil.

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    • I bet those oils made such a beautiful combo ❤ So glad your liking the deodorant! Brent and I filmed a video for the deodorant recipe but have not had a chance to edit it yet. So that should be up soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing Reva!


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